Chicago Youth’s CIRCLE of Support Hosted by NY Jets’ Matt Forte

Honoring success through education at CIRCLE Foundation’s 8th Annual Gala Fundraiser Hosted by Pro Football Player Matt Forte


CIRCLE Foundation in collaboration with “What’s Your Forte?” Matt Forte Foundation salutes the achievements of students that have overcome obstacles to obtain an education. In their pursuit to brighten their future, Innovations High School became their sanctuary of hope. Several of these students will receive scholarships from “What’s Your Forte?” Matt Forte Foundation to further their education.

While CIRCLE Foundation continues to educate and support at-risk youth through Innovations High School (located in Downtown Chicago), they also recognize the endeavors of other organizations that support the elevation of inner-city communities. This year CIRCLE Foundation will honor Project 5000 Chicago’s founder Roland Davis with the Community Award. Roland recently unveiled a jewel of resources on Chicago’s south side by opening a facility suited to the needs of aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Project 5000 Chicago facility is to help entrepreneurs, train individuals and create generational wealth within the inner-city.

To continue to make a change, CIRCLE Foundation enlist support from successful organizations and highly esteemed individuals to invest in their vision through financial donations. March 19, 2017, CIRCLE Foundation’s 8th Annual Fundraiser Gala hosted by New York Jets’ Matt Forte will commence to celebrate their accomplishments and procure financial backing for the future.


As more and more disadvantaged youth look for alternatives to further their education, they also come to the realization of their lack of funds to do so. CIRCLE Foundation steps in with the needed resources to help them become productive individuals positioning them for a brighter future to eventually give back to their communities. Thus, CIRCLE Foundation collaborates with organizations and individuals that are able to assist not solely relying on State funding.

To learn more about CIRCLE Foundation and Innovations High School, please visit website. Interviews for LaShaun Jackson and Omar Moore or media inquiries, please contact Latrea Morrow.

CIRCLE Foundation:  The CIRCLE Foundation is an institution that facilitates innovative educational experiences, inspirational leadership development, insightful guidance opportunities and dutiful support service programming. We are a non-discriminatory, non-sectarian and non-political organization that focuses on preserving and encouraging the heights of human potential, in order to contribute to the advancement of individual, group, and societal progress.

Follow CIRCLE Foundation on Social Media:
Website: CIRCLE Foundation
Facebook: CIRCLE Foundation
Twitter: @CIRCLEFndation
LinkedIn: CIRCLE Foundation

About “What’s Your Forte?” Foundation: Pro NFL player Matt Forte, with wife Danielle, created the “What’s Your Forte?” Foundation to empower at-risk Chicago-area high school students striving to achieve their dreams of higher education by providing life-changing resources. It is our mission to support and provide opportunities through mentorship for these students. To learn more, visit “What’s Your Forte?” Foundation‘s official website.


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