A Father’s Love & Good Works | Rahn Anthoni

Photo Credit: Rahn Anthoni LLC and Designer Anthony Vereen

BRASH! Inspirations Artist Rahn Anthoni

What do you do after the unthinkable? Do you fold? Or do you use that pain and turn it into a space of strength for others. Singer Rahn Anthoni did the latter as he turned the tragedy of losing his son into an advocacy plan to help other children with special needs along with their parents. Through his music, stories, and programs, Rahn Anthoni developed programs to raise awareness to the issues regarding the mistreatment of special needs children along a platform to honor them showing that they matter! Learn more about the music from Rahn Anthoni along with his works in the Mar/Apr ’16 issue of BRASH! Magazine AVAILABLE NOW!

Rahn Anthoni’s latest single, I’ll Trust You (Written & Produced by Fred Jerkins).
Available now on iTunes.


Twitter: @RahnAnthoni
Instagram: RahnAnthoni

 SNR_awardsThey Can’t Talk But We Can has the Special Needs Rock Award Show every year. We believe people with (dis)Abilities and those that support, care and advocate for them are incredible people—rare gems and unsung heroes who deserve to be acknowledged. We will award and honor people with (dis)Abilities and those who care for them. For more information, visit www.SpecialNeedsRockAwards.org.

They Can’t Talk, But We Can Inc.
is a nonprofit organization providing advocacy services for children with physical, emotional, behavioral, and/or learning (dis)Abilities. Our goal is to increase the awareness and to protect the students from being abused and the teacher from being accused! Safety is the solution! We will help parents and caregivers with finding help for their child with special needs. TCTBWCI works with local, state and federal agencies to secure the necessary services and education for all who qualify. For more information, visit www.TheyCantTalkButWeCanInc.org.


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