Pop-House Ballin’ | Strange Club

LA duo, Strange Club, releases debut EP “Baller”


LA duo, Strange Club just dropped their debut EP, Baller. Strange Club took a multi-genre approach to this EP, unique compared to other releases in the electronic music industry. Baller consists of two tracks: “Baller” and “Better Way”. Both tracks use the same vocals, a cover of Lil Troy’s “Wanna Be a Baller” by Maarlon. “Baller” is a pop-house track meant for live performance, produced using guitars, drums and keyboards. “Better Way”, on the other hand, was created for the underground and to be played during a DJ set.

This multi-genre approach to creating music is something Strange Club will be implementing for each original release. Not only does Strange Club not want to be defined by a genre, but since they will perform live and as DJs, they want to make music for the various settings they will be playing in.


StrangClubAbout Strange Club
Strange Club consists of Greg Gonzalez and Sabastion Kimmel. The two met when they moved to Los Angeles in 2015, and instantly knew they needed to build something together. They are always pushing themselves to create new sounds, with one golden rule in mind – if they like it, they want people to hear it.

Greg Gonzalez is a multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco. He learned piano and guitar young, and began producing hip-hop music in high school, while paving his way to play professional baseball. After his baseball career came to finish, he put all of his focus into producing music. Aside from music, Greg is very passionate about building brands, and is the co-founder and creative director for the skin care company Youth To The People.

Sabastion Kimmel grew up in California but his career in minor professional hockey led him to NYC. There, he began producing events, DJing and managing artists on his indie record label. His passion for artist development and brands landed him a position at Sonos where he helped develop their artist relations division and culture platform, Sonos Studio. He is now working for Shinola launching their audio division.

Downtown LA is the home of Strange Club. Everything the guys create is a reflection of the raw and honest vibe of their surroundings. The key hole represents opportunity to open up new doors. Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, the goal is to create an army who believes that the sky is the limit. Strange Club is all of us. It isn’t about one or two people standing out, it’s about a community of music, art, and life lovers that are proud of who they are and aren’t afraid to show it. Join the club!

Twitter: @Strange_Club
IG: Strange_Club


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