Warning Signs…Pay Attention | Sirens by Julie Elody

Former funk-rock band front woman, Julie Elody, releases her solo debut with the new single “Sirens”

sirens_JESinger, Julie Elody, is striking out on her own after being the lead vocalist of The Fake Carls belting out funk-rock tunes. Now she’s change directions in her music with this new electro style track “Sirens” for her solo debut. Sirens is accompanied by Julie’s captivating voice and a subtle yet soothing sound of sirens in the background.

“I don’t like to write about frivolous things, and “Sirens” is no exception,” Julie explains of her new track. “It is about the all-too-often times that we ignore problems in our lives instead of dealing with them head-on, and all of the ways that this effects us.”

In choosing music to release as a solo debut, Julie hits the mark by releasing a song that hits home for a lot of music lovers. Starting off the lyrics explaining what many of head strong people do….stick to their own thoughts not looking to make sense of the warning signs right in front of them. Resulting in resting comfortably in a comfort zone.

Listen to “SIRENS” on SoundCloud Now! 

About Julie Elody
With soulful vocals and meaningful lyrics, Julie promises to use her voice to make a statement. Julie has been the featured vocalist on a few electro-pop tracks, all which gained high success on both Soundcloud and Spotify. She embodies the style of popular music without singing about meaningless partying and how much she wants to be your baby. Conversely, Julie writes songs about issues that are important to her. In her song, “Mountain Lion”, she talks about her struggle with anxiety. “Pennies” is about how the over-commodified society we live in can be detrimental.

Julie has a degree from Loyola University New Orleans in music industry studies, and it was there that she found her passion for songwriting and performing. In the time between her childhood in New Hampshire and the eclectic home she’s found in New Orleans, she’s had the opportunity to travel all over the world. A large passion for Julie is bringing the cultures she has found most compelling with her everywhere she goes. Julie is available for interviews and features – we’d love to work with you on coverage of the kickoff to her solo career.

Twitter: @JulieElody
IG: JulieElody


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