BRASH! Heat | “A Chillion Bars” by The Chillionaires

New York City rap group, The Chillionaires, are back with new heat spitting  “A Chillion Bars” in their latest single

chillionbarsProduced by Canis Major, “A Chillion Bars” is fresh off the heels of their release “Whole Lotta” in which the visual gained over 16,000 views on YouTube upon its release. “A Chillion Bars” release is an addition to their second project, currently in the works, titled “Who Wants To Be A Chillionaire”.  The new track displays each members’ true ability to spit hot lyrics describing the lifestyle of a Chillionaire which will definitely keep you vibing to the tune from beginning to the end.

Check out their new video to “A Chillion Bars” below!

About The Chillionaires
New York based rap group, The Chillionaires consist of members Ruciano, King Gray, & Sky Scaper. This trio’s debut release “The Formula” gained much recognition from rap music lovers and media outlets for this group out of Brooklyn, NY. Currently they are working on releasing new music and visuals showcasing their brand and creative rap styles. You can also learn more about The Chillionaires in our special feature “DeterMENed” in the May/June ’16 issue of BRASH! Magazine.
Twitter: @_Chillionaires
Instagram: the_chillionaires


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