Gaming News | Hip Hop Meets Mobile Wars

Milwaukee emcee Young Deuces partnered with Mobile War game Crime Coast and launches a brand new playable character.  

Young-Deuces-avatarNow available from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Play store on Android Devices and Windows 10 devices. Crime Coast is a combat strategy game that puts you in control of your own private Mafia, as well as your own criminally crooked city to build from the ground up. Think of Sim City meets Game of War and you’ll get the idea. The premise is pretty simple, you steadily build up a crooked Empire, jump into nearby towns in either Single or Multiplayer and then destroy these towns and collect your loot. Featuring Game Center and Facebook social connectivity, players will be able to battle with others around the world—either cooperatively or competitively.

Young Deuces character “The Deuce” is a featured Henchman that comes equipped with Toucan Airplanes to attack.  The character also come equipped with a new Avatar for characters to use sporting the SNYD logo hat.


Crime Coast has already surpassed the million user mark as of early March 2016 and their success has led to a featured spot in the Windows App Store, promotion in the Apple Store’s Best New Games category, and its short-listing as a finalist at the 2015 TIGA Games Industry Awards.

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