Courage During A Heartbreak | Leave by Charlotte Bash

“Leave” by Charlotte Bash

It all starts with a melodic pluck on a guitar string, adding in the upbeat synth production works. Charlotte enters this electro-pop track explaining her side of the story being vulnerable giving an account of a good heart being taken advantage of. As the song builds you feel the strength of a woman taking back her power and her heart. When the chorus kicks, in you feel the magnitude of a woman standing her ground demanding the negative treatment to leave mentally, physically, and emotionally. “Leave” is a message of confidence and loving yourself more than loving another who refuses to do right by you. Choosing yourself over being unhappy in love.

“Leave” is a strong lead track from Charlotte Bash’s upcoming album “Princess Game” releasing on June 30th. This song gives a taste of what’s to come from this artist on the rise!

Listen to “Leave” on SoundCloud now! And stay tuned for her upcoming debut album “Princess Game”.

Read the exclusive with Charlotte Bash in the May/June ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!

About Charlotte Bash
Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bash spent much of her youth exploring the music scene, eventually graduating from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music where she trained as an opera singer. Her undeniable talents have given her the chance to grace the stage alongside artists like Sara Bareilles and Aaron Carter — in both national and international venues.
Twitter: @CBashMusic
Instagram: CharlotteBash


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