A Vivid Demise | “Death of a Pop Song” by The Baskervilles

Suffolk indie-rock band, The Baskervilles, releases Death of a Pop Song

baskervillesdoapsAn obituary in the form of hard rock. Death of a Pop Song  indie-rock band The Baskervilles delivers a story telling tune over heavy instrumentation. Giving a tale of a dark prediction of a life that many choose but is it worth it? This new single by the Ipswich, Suffolk band starts this track by giving it all they have from start to finish. The consistency of instrumentation shows why these guys make a great fit to create an ultimate sound! The Baskervilles also provided a self-produce visual for their new track! (View Here.)

We’re looking forward to what is to come from this BRASH! Band, The Baskervilles, this year!

Death of a Pop Song is Available Now on iTunes

Catch The Baskervilles performing live on May 27, 2017 at Get Known, Be Heard – Colchester Forsite (Lewis Gardens, High St, Colchester CO1 1JH, UK)

Get the full exclusive on The Baskervilles and Death of a Pop Song in the May/June ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine OUT NOW!

The Baskervilles Members: James Betts (lead vocalist & guitarist), Aaron Lamb (bassist), Blair Ferguson (drummer) & Callum Ferguson (guitar)


Twitter: @BaskervillesUK
Instagram: The_Baskervilles


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