BRASH! Inspirations | Brittney Grabill

May/Jun ’17 BRASH! Inspirations Artist Brittney Grabill

Brittney Grabill -- Press Shot- Blue Wall

Photo Credit: Isaiah Taylor

Pop singer/songwriter, Brittney Grabill, came into the music scene after her dream of being in sports was sidelined. A guitar purchase from her grandfather opened a new door for her into the world of entertainment and self expression through song. Changing up her style into the pop music realm, Grabill found her way through music. Along with striving for pop stardom, she also makes times to give back as a humanitarian. Grabill gives hope, inspiration, and flare through her works in sharing her gift at the children’s hospital where she was treated for scoliosis. Showing young children that this condition cannot stop you from achieving goals and becoming everything you was meant to be!

B! How does your humanitarian work inspires you as a musician?
BG: Very much so. I love writing and giving a new perspective on a topic that may open someone’s mind. We have a commonality as human beings that none of us have all the answers, we are all trying to figure it out!

Brittney - Childrens Hospital

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Her latest single I Try is available now on iTunesITry_artwork

Check out these music video teasers for her single “I Try”.


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