Debuting for Adult Swim | “Yo-Yo” by Clayt

yoyo_claytReleasing new music needs to be fresh and innovative in these times in the entertainment industry. VA hip hop artist, Clayt, took to (programming block of the American cable network Cartoon Network). Recently, Clayt dropped his new single “Yo-Yo” produced by Andre’ Palace, for the “Time and Temperature” show.

Yo-Yo is Clayt’s continuation of showcasing not only his lyrical flows but his lyrics that makes you think while vibing. Utilizing his gift of story telling through his lyrics completing the wave of a blazing beat produced by Andre’ Palace. Check it out now on SoundCloud!

clayt_as1 clayt_as2 clayt_as3Photos courtesy of Clayt Instagram. By @eransome


One thought on “Debuting for Adult Swim | “Yo-Yo” by Clayt

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