Spitting Bars Over Controversy | “Soundbyte” by Nick Weaver

New Music from Seattle Rapper/Producer Nick Weaver

soundbyte_nwSeattle native Nick Weaver delivers on his self-produced track “Soundbyte”. This new release is from his upcoming EP Photographs Of Other People. On “Soundbyte”Weaver uses his lyrical skills in his song as a rebuttal delving into his own perception of today’s society; calling out the deception while utilizing shorts from disputable strife in America.

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SoundByte by Nick Weaver is available now on all digital music outlets.

About Nick Weaver
Nick Weaver is a Seattle-based hip-hop artist, performer, and producer. He started in his early teen years, making mixtapes in the northwest while being raised on everything from Tchaikovsky to The Cure. As he grows and evolves as an artist, his interest in all types of music continues to guide his vision. When asked about his influences, Weaver cites long time favorite acts such as LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Helios, and Mogwai, as well as hip-hop legends like Nas, Royce Da 5’9″, Mobb Deep, and Eminem. Seeing the word “genre” as just a self-imposed boundary, Weaver treats each project as a way to further evolve his own art, one inspiration at a time.

Twitter: @thenickweaver
Instagram: thenickweaver

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