A Step Out on Faith | “New Kid in Town” by JeRonelle

R&B/Soul singer, JeRonelle returns with a soulful ballad “New Kid in Town”


Branching out and taking risks is what it takes to reach your highest potential. We always tend to skip over the struggle that took place during those risk taking moments when telling the story after we’ve made it. Singer, JeRonelle penned a journal entry of the happenings of taking off to LA to pursue his dreams but running into stumbling blocks along with way with his new song “New Kid in Town”. Worried that all will fail, he continues to strive in his mission of stepping out on faith. All of those emotions are felt in this honesty story of being “the new kid in town”.

“Imagine moving to a new city where almost no one knows who you are and you are forced to begin again, all for the sake of pursuing your dreams. Scary right? That is the feeling that many creative artists go through all because we desire to be greater at what we love to do.” – JeRonelle

Listen now on SoundCloud!

Check out “New Kid In Town” Visual Below:


Twitter: @imjeronelle
Instagram: imjeronelle

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