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BRASH! Exclusive Review on Upcoming Album, Raiders On The Southern Wild by Kevin Maines and The Volts

Raiders On The Southern Wild by Kevin Maines and the Volts

Genre-bending southern-soul powerhouse Kevin Maines and The Volts gets ready to release Raiders On The Southern Wild on June 15, 2017. The album, which spans the entire spectrum of soul/blues music, is the second collection from Kevin Maines, and his first since putting together his current backing band, the Volts.

Effortlessly gliding between soul, blues, rock, gospel, jazz and funk influences Kevin creates his own sub genre. Composing stories with cleverly crafted lyrics and creating a passion for the plot with his instrumentation, it is almost impossible to listen to Raiders On The Southern Wild without feeling something.

Raiders On The Southern Wild
opens with a classic sounding Holy Roller, with guitar stringing melodic blues then the vocals of Kevin Maines gives a strong presence singing out his soul (hinting to gospel influences) as the song builds.  Throughout the album, you will not only get an authentic blues, rock, jazz, soul, and R&B infusions, the lyrics that complements each track gives true life stories. Relatable to those looking for something to breathe into them a new life, as described in What I need backed by a robust horn section. Or a love interest setting your soul on fire Kerosene.  Maines vocal range and ability is also showcased throughout the album as he takes it up to a falsetto on Into The Dark, which is a slower track but still remained true to the theme of heavy musicianship. Mad Moon starts you off with a one note harmonizing session which takes you on one journey but the break down segues into another realm soft blues, ending on a high point of guitar soul. She would be a good dance track as it describes pining over love lost to an upbeat bass guitar and percussion keeping the groove on point. On the final song, Whiskey River, this band takes you on a blues journey ending on a soul packed note just as the album started.

Raiders On The Southern Wild allows you to appreciate authentic blues and rock which serves as the parental flows for the jazz, soul, and R&B elements. This album gives you much anticipation for a live show of the album as there are feelings embedded deep within each song. All fundamentals going into the music production to the lyrics gives you something different to feel each time you replay a track.

It was a pleasure getting an early listen to this album before its release and if you love blues, rock, R&B, or soul, you should definitely take a listen and look out for Kevin Maines and The Volts performing songs from the album!


Kevin MainesAbout Kevin Maines
Raised in North Florida, where gospel and soul music lay, Kevin Maines brings a youthful vibrancy to the classic southern R&B/Soul legacy. After his debut album, and a brief hiatus from recording to play guitar in other bands, Kevin has returned with a new band, new songs, new shows and a new sound that reflect back the full width of his musical past, from the rural church to urban jungle.
Twitter: @Kevin_Maines

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