EP HEAT | “Sharptongue” by Al-One The Remedy

After teasing us with Good God Bad Business, the Portland/Sandpeople emcee, Al-One The Remedy, recently dropped his latest EP Sharptongue

hip hop, emcee, Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue, brash blog

This new project features music production from !llmind and also features the talents of Illmaculate, HalfmanHalf, Theory Hazit and more! On the 7-track EP, Al-One shows his versatility in lyrical flows delivering true Hip-Hop. He also tackles different subject matters from heart break to the affects of abuse and dealings of drugs. Sharptongue is a one of a kind hip hop album taking us into the 2nd half of 2017 with hot beats and smooth flows.

Listen Now on SoundCloud!

Sharptongue by Al-One The Remedy is available now on iTunes and Spotify!

Al-One The Remedy - Sharptongue, hip hop, new album, brash blog


IG: AlOneTheRemedy
Twitter: @AlOneTheRemedy


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