Caught up in a Bad Romance | “Low Key” by JoshX

A Love So Wrong But It Feels So Right

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RnB singer/songwriter, Josh X is back releasing his second single from his Amour mixtape, “Low Key”. This truthful ballad, produced by Shaft and J. White, tells the story of when a man loves a woman but the passion is expressed in bad ways. However, the feelings still remains.

Low Key was inspired by the guy that sees the good and bad about his lady.  The bad as in she is crazy, she is the type to go through your phone, scratches your car, sets your clothes on fire, but on the flip side, she is the type of girl that when times are good, she is a great woman and although, she may not be all the way right for you, on the low, you are low key feeling her,” – Josh X
AMOUR was recently released to critical-acclaim from fans and music enthusiasts abroad (full mixtape link below).  The LOW KEY LIVE acoustic version of the music video will be released in the coming weeks.
You can also learn more about Josh X in the Mar/Apr ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine, featured in The Men of R&B segment.


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