Jul/Aug ’17 BRASH! Magazine Cover Reveal

Summer ’17 continues. We are having a great time in music as the BRASH! Train trails on with MORE indie artist exclusives new music and works from passionate creatives. This issue is FILLED with new indie music artists hitting the ground running with performing, recording, and releasing great tracks for the world!brash magazine, cover reveal, indie music news, music magazine, indie music magazine, darla beaux, entertainment media, magazine, fashion editorials, music interviews

For our Jul/Aug ’17 issue, we are featuring a young R&B/Pop singer Darla Beaux who’s voice is a power sound of soul. Her early influences and encouragement to come out of her shell is a gift to the world. Outside of music, her story is more inspirational as she goes into her battle with an unexpected illness and obstacles. Instead of running away, she put it all in the music creating lyrics and a sound like no other. Get ready for her exclusive along with more indie music news stories, interview, and fashion editorials in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! Magazine coming Monday, July 17, 2017.

Ready to MAKE NOISE?!?


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