Back Down Memory Lane | “Rituals” by Antonio Ramsey

Singer Antonio Ramsey is Back with New Single Rituals

“Rituals”, by male vocalist and songwriter ANTONIO RAMSEY is a new, in you face reminder of “things we used to do”. The #funktrap single was written by Antonio Ramsey and Chris Belton and produced by Apollo V. Remembering what used to bring two close and getting them to keep these memories cherished which were once a usual thing.

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From the Artist:
“For some reason the word “Rituals” just popped into my head and I started thinking about past relationships were we started out so in love, making sure we did certain things every week to keep and strengthen our bond, to now we just sit at home and do nothing or barely talk to one another,” says Antonio. “Rituals also doesn’t necessarily have to pertain to a relationship. You and your best friend could have a taco Tuesday ritual and if ya’ll miss four or five your going start thinking like damn what happened to our rituals!,” he adds.
“Coming up in south Florida, I had no choice but to grow up a very straight forward type of person. I grew up listening to icons like James brown, Stevie Wonder & Jodeci! So me being able to put pieces of my life together to create #FunkTrap music is a journey that I look forward to,” says Antonio.

Listen to Rituals now on SoundCloud!

Antonio is currently on the “All Night Long” promotional tour in in support of the lead single and stops include; New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Chicago, just to name a few.  Antonio’s forthcoming debut EP will be released later this Fall.

You can also learn more about Antonio Ramsey and his #funktrap music in the Jul/Aug ’17 issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!
Twitter: @IAmARamsey
Instagram: IAmAntonioRamsey


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