Just Let Your Soul Flow | Austin Poe

Chicago Based Rapper, Austin Poe, Releases “Soul Flow” in Visual Form

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Delivering this new single, in visual form (Directed by LeonDavinci & MudWingMedia) , Austin Poe (formerly known as E-Money) is tapping into that nostalgic ‘90s feel, he delivers some breezy lyricism over Freshboy’s production.

“Soul Flow is a feel-good song about finding yourself and knowing you have arrived. Everything in your past has got you to this point. Now, you can embrace your present, and look towards a bright future.  With that mindset you can enjoy the moment: laugh, and most importantly inspire people along the way,”  Says Austin Poe.

And people have the nerve to as what happened to Hip Hop…It STILL lives. Check out the visual for Soul Flow!

Twitter: @AustinPoe_
Instagram: AustinPoe_


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