How Do You Define Love? | ‘L O V E’ by Fond of Rudy

More Than Just A LOVE Song

L O V E by Fond of Rudy, BRASH! Magazine Blog, power of love, fear of love, modern slow jam, slow jam, modern, fond of rudy, band, london, brightonLove can be a force field. Pulling two people together no matter the distance of passed time. In the latest slow jam by Fond of Rudy, “L O V E” (Available Now on iTunes & Spotify), is described in a way that keeps this attractions going but the apprehension of not giving into this force due to fear. The delicacy of the vocals highlights the emotions of this fear along with the production inviting in the power of love explaining this unmovable force through the music.

The lyrics flows in to remembering a time when a promise was made at a certain age and now the time has come to fulfill it. Is it the right time to give in? Or give it up and spend the rest of your days wondering what could have been?

Fond of Rudy gives a new spin on the subject matter of love. Something that is always experienced but not usually included in the love expression playlists. The guitar solo gives emotion, lust, and love power throughout the rifts providing something special to listeners. In this moment you can wonder if the right decision is made to go for it.

Listen to “L O V E” by Fond of Rudy NOW on SoundCloud!

About Fond of Rudy
Fond of Rudy is a 4-piece band out of Brighton (London) delivering South Eastern Calypso Alternative Pop music.

fond of rudy, brash magazine blog, london band, alternative pop band
Twitter: @FondOfRudy
Instagram: FondOfRudy


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