Finding The Beauty Within | “I’m Not What You See” by Dayanna Redic

Singer Dayanna Redic Releases Emotional Song and Lyric Video Addressing Personal Insecurities and Overcoming Self-Doubt – “I’m Not What You See”

im not what you see by dayanna redic, find your purpose, beauty, new music release, debut single, indie music news, women empowerment, daynna redic, singerDayanna Redic introduces her first single giving a perspective of realizing the beauty within. Understanding that today, many women struggle with keeping up their appearance to the likings of society versus loving themselves just the way they are. I’m Not What You See is a personal story of Dayanna’s where she sings about being put down and learning to overcome by walking in her purpose. This song is meant to inspire and relate to those going through these same struggles in hopes to disregard the negativity and empower themselves.

“I wrote this song as a self-assurance based on adolescent insecurities that still haunt me every now and then. Every line is reflection of my thoughts growing up,” Dayanna shares.  “It’s actually kind of amazing to me how transparent and vulnerable I became while writing it. My hope for this song is that it encourages every person who hears it to see themselves through the Love of our creator, no matter their insecurities.”

“I’m Not What You See” is available on digital music outlets now and has a companion lyric video on Youtube that should be shared with anyone fighting any area of self-doubt.

About Dayanna Redic
Dayanna Redic, like so many great singers today, began singing at a very young age amongst a family of singers in church.  A Bay Area native, Dayanna is currently Worship Leader for Friendship MBC in Vallejo, CA and The Rock Church in Pittsburg, CA.  Dayanna is currently recording a studio album that will give a glimpse into the transparent experience of a talented young girl growing up and facing life’s challenges and successes.

Through her music, Dayanna is an advocate for seeing others walk in the fullness of Gods power.  In addition, she works diligently as a mentor and stands on the firm foundation of her salvation living her life boldly in the freedom of God.
Twitter: @Dayanna_Redic
Instagram: DayannaRedicMusic


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