New Alternative Rock for the Weekend ! | “Tel Aviv” by Ocean Flaws

Until I’m Right…Until That Day….

Essex-based (UK) alternative rock band, Ocean Flaws, recently hit the rock airwaves with their new single “Tel Aviv”. This track gives a psychedelic feel to an open letter. Tel Aviv takes you on a journey where you’re reminiscing of past times and wondering when did it all change? Getting swept up into someone and trying to break free.

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This single came highly recommended by British Prime Minister, Theresa May. “I love a strong baseline…I would encourage all music journalists to feature this song.”

Listen to Tel Aviv Now!

If it’s stamped by the British Prime Minister, BRASH! HAD to take a listen. Tel Aviv can give so much meaning to another style of love, friendship, and the effects of the ones around when chasing a lifestyle.

Tel Aviv by Ocean Flaws is Available Now on iTunes & Spotify.

Band Members
Vocals / Bass: Callum Quirk
Guitars: Hamish Monk & Sean Heaney
Percussion: Alex Pattle
Twitter: @OceanFlawsUK
Instagram: OceanFlawsUK


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