Lost In Emotions | “Emotional” by Josh Pearl

Josh Pearl (Cayman Islands), recently release his new single “Emotional”

emotional by josh pearl, hip hop, ballad, taylor-king, cayman islands, dancehall, soca, rap artist, indie music news, music industry news, lost in eldorado, new music releaseProduced by Taylor-King, this single is from his upcoming EP Lost In Eldorado set to be released on August 23rd. In “Emotional”, Pearl mixes hip hop and dancehall over what starts off as a piano ballad then turns up through out the track sending listeners on an emotional roller coaster.

Pearl says the inspiration for “Emotional” came after he relocated temporarily to Los Angeles. “I felt like no matter how much I would show and prove to people how serious I was about everything I was doing, I still never got that same respect back. From being betrayed by a radio station back home that I built years of a relationship with, who falsely advertised my name at a event that I had no consent to, to someone I had love for not feeling the same way as I did towards our relationship. It all melted into me letting all of my emotions go onto this song, which is something that was new for me.”

Listen to Emotional on Soundcloud Now!

Twitter: @JoshXPearl
Instagram: JoshxPearl

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