Waging War & Falling | “To Fold” by Sedgewick

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Chicago based folk band Sedgewick is preparing for their Fall release Collapse by giving us a tease with their new single “To Fold”. Love songs come in many different styles, genres, and formats but they all get out the feelings of falling in love, staying in love, or the sweetest attempt of showing someone how great it would be to be in love with you. “To Fold” explores the latter as the lyrics give a poetic formula to the dreamy sounds. The lyrics aren’t the only thing on this track that captivates as the musicianship continues the poetry as it paints the words unspoken.

Sedgewick premiered this track this past weekend at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL.

Fall in love with To Fold by Sedgewick by listening on SouncCloud Now!

About Sedgewick
Sedgewick is a dream folk trio yearning for the sounds of the unknown, built on the juxtaposition of the sounds of old and sounds to come. They explore the space between a literal and sonic narrative, where the meaning is evolving with each new listen. Their unique live set up of synthesizers, upright bass, effects, and distinct vocal harmonies are sure to inspire. Their new full length record, Collapse, debuts in Fall of 2017.

Band Members
Sam Brownson
Oliver Horton
Jake Hawrylak

Twitter: @SedgewickBand
Instagram: SedgewickMusic


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