Roll This Dice, Land in God’s Hands | “God’s Hands” EP by Burgie Streetz

Burgie Streetz of SNYD Releases Solo EP “God’s Hands”

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Want an album that takes you on a story telling journy though hip hop flows and dope beats? Make sure you check out the latest EP by Burgie Streetz “God’s Hands“. This is one for the culture as from the beginning track, it takes you into the music immediately not allow you to skip or move one. This project showcases Burgie in a light that is not usually seen/heard from today’s hip hop heads. Get inspired and entertained with this new album.

Listen to “God’s Hands” by Burgie Streetz SoundCloud Now!

rap artist, team snyd, snyd, solo release, god's hands, new music, indie music news, hip hop artist
Twitter: @StreetzEMP
Instagram: Burgie_EMP


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