A Weekend Trip | New Album “Follow” by Death of Hi Fi

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Coming off of Summer tours, single releases, and working hard to follow up their first album, AnthropoceneDeath of Hi Fi (DoHF) has released their latest album Follow. This new body of work takes you on a trip through different genres of music mashed together creating a music blend of Electronica, Hip Hop, Rock, Dub, Downtempo….simply put its “Genre Hop”.

Follow gives a personal viewpoint of the world; love, loss and the eventual redemption.  From alienation and despair to learning what it means to be human again.


Check out DoHF’s new album Follow Available NOW!

About Death of Hi Fi
Death of Hi fi are a production duo fronted by the incredible talents of Miss Lucy on vocals who bring a new approach and askance view on a well worn, trodden and beaten down path. 

Band Members:
Andy Hill (Founder/Producer/Writer/Lyrics/Vocals)
Daniel Clear (Producer/Writer/Guitar)
Lucy Cooper (Lyrics/Vocals)

Twitter: @DeathofHiFi
Instagram: DeathofHiFi


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