Music Stories by Juke Blue

Berlin Artist Juke Blue Launches Web Series Ahead of
2018 Debut Album Release


Independent Berlin-based artist Juke Blue has commenced streaming a 22-story web series containing 9 music videos as part of an epic promotional buildup for the launch of his 2018 début album Polyphony.

The series ‘Juke Blue – A web series of unfortunate events’ is a set of weekly interviews with the Australian-born pop-synth crooner as he answers fan questions about his repeated deaths, demon-disturbed gigs, ‘memberless’ drummers,celebrity attacks and being sentence to seven years of piano lessons by his father.


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“I decided it was time to come clean about why it’s taken me two decades to get my début out,” Juke explains. “If you listen to the stories, and how many times I’ve had to cheat and swindle death to get this album to you, plus all the catastrophic gigs over the years, you will understand the delay.”

Entirely self-funded and produced over 18 months, the series includes a full album’s worth of retro-inspired music videos created with the input of around 50 artists from Spain, Poland and Germany, marking it as one of the most ambitious and innovative independent album launch strategies in recent years.


Juke Blue began crafting the concept after visiting the 2015 Film Springs Open – a 10 day event held every October in Krakow and organised by Oscar-winning Polish Cinematographer Slavomir Idzak. It was here that he got his first taste of filmmaking.

Eighteen months later he was in the studio in Berlin recording his début – one that takes funk, country, pop and prog rock into a new synthesized direction while staying true to the album’s obvious 80s influence.

“My goal with this first release wasn’t necessarily to create a new sound,” he says.“My goal was more to create a unique audiovisual experience online … something like a digital calling card for folks to come see the live show where I mix wild stories with old-school music, and fans head home feeling really buzzed.”

Juke plans to release one music video and single each month until the album drops next April. The video for the next single, Mirages (release date October 22) has just received Official Selection status at this years Desert Rocks Film and Music event, while the series itself has already received a Staff Pick at

You can subscribe to Juke Blue’s channel to see the new videos and stories HERE
Twitter: @TheJukeBlue
Instagram: Juke_Blue


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