Tobi’s Reviews | “Vapors” by X.Ari

Rising star of the LA music scene, the singular talent that is, singer songwriter X. Ari returns with bitter sweet electro alt pop pill, “Vapors” 

la music scene, los angeles, x.ari, vaport by x.ari, electro pop, pop artist, singer, songwriter, indie music news, independent artists, entertainment industry news, new music release, new music, vaporsTechno-mid-tones blink, streetlights at dusk.  Straining to light a dying sky.  An ambient siren cries, echoing back from the sunset facades.  Vinyl wisps, stereo-ed wide.  Vapors, peripheral.  At odds, innocent-synth-pops, bright blunted.  Hopscotch-sonic pink n purple, cotton candy high.  Rising star of the LA music scene, the singular talent that is, singer songwriter X. Ari returns with bitter sweet electro alt pop pill, “Vapors”.

“Bruh, you’re in my finger tips”,  X. Ari’s vocals popstar sweet, flatter to deceive. “Feel guilty, a little bit.”  A little bit.  Fingersnaps snap.  Sample snapped, clean.  Voice skips in out of articulation.  Words sound clear, only to be dropped.  Swallowed.  “Because I’m disposable to you”, popstar turn, turns embittered.  Word delayed, pitch driven to distortion.

Subdrop. Deep to the core.  “Now you got me liquid”.  Chorus builds in perfect vocal hooks, percussive.  ‘Pour me to your lips’.  Seductive.  Sexual.  Submissive.  “Say you’ll never quit”.  Fidelity asked for, is seldom equal to fidelity given.  “Don’t do it!”  Codependent.  Vox sampled tonic left and right, calls out in pleasured plight.

“Smoke you like my cigarette”.  Second verse.  X. Ari breathes words, from lips to throat.  Beat swaying, note to note, back and forth.  Lyrics lost in intimate mouthing.  But “..still disposable to you”.  Subdrop.   “Now you got me liquid”.  Perfect vocal hooks, repercussive.  “Pour me to your lips”.  Addictive.  Sexual.  Complicite.  “Don’t do it!” Ascendent.   Pleasured flight.

Stop.  Piano tones reversed.  Stuttered.  Delayed.  Moments stuck.  Time, unhooked.  “Because you’re dispensable to me”.  Sweet-bitter-pill.  Swallowed as one, whole.  Mouthed intimacy.  “Laisse tomber”.  “Throw me to the earth and don’t look back.” Perfect pop angels.  Wings faked, doubled backed.  Bedevilled, fallen.  Failing to fight a dying lie.  In the dirt, “We both crash”.  

“Now you got me liquid”.   Subdrop.  Endless Deep.  Call out in pleasured plight.  Shout!  Descendant Reverb.  Techno-mid-tones-blink.  Siren cries, ambient.  Echoed Facade.  Pink n purple, cotton candy die.  Vinyl wisps, ethereal.  Vapors.  Siren cries,  “Help me.”  

Vapors by X.Ari is Available Now!
Twitter: @xARIofficial
Instagram: xARIofficial

Music Review Written by Tobi Davis.

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