Wake Up! | “Don’t Sleep” by Terrance Anderson

Singer, Terrance Anderson’s RnBass Single,
“Don’t Sleep”

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Terrance’s new single, “Don’t Sleep” is a track full of emotion and expression about love. Using clever metaphors, to express himself over the RNBass, produced by Teeklef.

“Don’t Sleep” is filled with smooth chords and harmonies. Lyrically, it’s the push and pull of wanting love within a relationship that draws you in. “I’m in the dark, looking for your heart,” Terrance sings in the pre-chorus over a dark voice. At that moment he’s willing to open up about his feeling of abandonment within the relationship.

“Don’t Sleep,” is Available Now on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal!


Aireal-300-EditAbout Terrance Anderson
Terrance Anderson was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana with early aspirations to become a rapper at age 11. He later found his voice as a singer in 2015 at which his love for R&B grew. In 2017, Terrance rebranded himself as an alternative and contemporary R&B singer-songwriter. As a singer-songwriter, Terrance built a reputation of being musically gifted, while creating songs for other artists, and creating remixes to some of his inspirations. Using the rapper’s way of metaphors and symbols, Terrance bring’s wit and coolness back to R&B. Terrance Anderson expresses his inspiration through his original music and remixes. His newest project is titled, Be4ore Five. Terrance Anderson is set to debut a new project in 2018.

“The lyrics Terrance create often capture the minds of his listeners as he sways them with his creativity. His use of metaphors and symbols are as a rapper bringing coolness and wit back to R&B” -Aireal Strickland, Terrance Anderson Music LLC.

Twitter: @TerranceA_5
Instagram: TerranceAndersonFive


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