On Your Mind? | “Think of Me” by The 10X

Alternative Pop Group, The 10X, Dials it Back to the 80s with New Single “Think of Me”

think of my by the 10x, the 10x, alternative pop music, music group“Think of Me” is an all encompassing retro vibe with a distinctly classic pop aesthetic. Hints and spurts of the 1980’s permeate the melody and coinciding arrangement, with glittering synths filling in the space between thoughtful lyrics and a rhythm that pounds like a nervous heartbeat. Like the music itself, the song is deeply reminiscent, with lyrics that question whether a past lover ever thinks of them, while clinging to the memories of the love that once existed between them. If only for a moment. From the pounding rhythm to the lyrical exploration of a past relationship, this track is bound to take you back in time, one way or the other.

“Think of Me” is Available Now on Spotify!

The 10x, alternative pop groupAbout The 10X
The 10X was inspired by an equally epic 900-mile drive. A drive that resulted in the purchase of a 1982 synthesizer for songwriter Jeff Gingrich, a purchase that inspired a slew of songs that have molded the unique pop soundscape that became The 10X sound. After releasing a three-song debut EP in 2016, the band moved from Flint, Michigan to Nashville, TN, giving them a whole new pool of talent to collaborate with. One of those people was Gringrich’s longtime friend, Ben Schuller, who contributed to their Spotify “Best of 2017” single “Skull and Bones,” and the newest addition to the band, drummer Parker Moore. With their name gaining traction on the independent music scene, not to mention an unforgettable new single, 2018 is poised to be the year The 10X make their mark on indie-pop music scene.

Twitter: @The10XMusic
Instagram: The10X

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