NATION | Something Happened EP

MUSIC EXCLUSIVE w/ NATION About Something Happened EP in the Latest Issue of BRASH!

something happened - NATIONNATION, headed by the musicianship of Guillaume Destot (Vim le Commodore), is a blend of futuristic soul influences. This band was formed in 2016 with Destot, Swanny E, Mael C, Edison K, and Cleo B. Hailing from Paris, France, NATION creates music for the people with a true love of the craft. They give a sense of hope within a world of chaos which is prevalent in their first EP release, Something Happened.

To develop the latest project, Destot found the musical inspiration through a wide variety of artists such as Prince, Jamie Liddel, Raphael Saadiq. Throughout Destot’s life, Stevie Wonder played a major role in getting inspiriting as well as other soul music artists. Currently, he is looking more at the future bass sound.

Read more in the SUMMER ’18 Issue of BRASH! OUT NOW!


NATION | Something Happened EP - BRASH! Magazine

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