Week4 | Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music Monster

Tobi's new music monster

Spaceman by Chloe BlackArtist: Chløë Black
Track: “Spaceman”
Franco-Australian, self described, ‘International Woman of Misery’, the sardonic, the singular, the willfully particular, Chløë Black drops self released, hypno-cryptic, electro alt pop gem, “Spaceman”. Graceful melodic ambients, and contrasting sunken piano counts, forcefully blunted to obscure, saunter opulent on shunted snippet beats and stuttered percussive ripples, effected. Orbiting elliptical around a black hole sun, this grunge infused, EDM turned inside out, sonic spacewalk in freefall, resonates magnificent in ‘giving zero f**ks’ gravity. Contradiction brought to Art, through imitating life ; a musical personality borderline-ed, daring to be maligned ; iconic beauty, framed ugly, oddity extraordinary. “Spaceman” stands tall on broken legs ; shifting from pop consumable to composition ‘chart unusable’, an aural testament to the conflicted nature of its creator ; kaleidoscope of contradiction, singalong in introspection, in defiance of expectation, Chløë Black is writing the hymn sheet, from which we all gratefully sing.

Twitter: @ChloeBlackMusic
IG: ChloeBlackMusic

No Real Control by The TrustedArtist: The Trusted
Track: “No Real Control”
Jump up and down to the real indie noise ; Southern based (UK) four piece, ‘The Trusted’, serve up a healthy portion of the guitar driven independent rock, with new single, “No Real Control”, that’s bad for your ears and very good for your soul. Lead guitarist, Dale Holt-Mead, drives the six string in a series of surging contrasts ; running the grunge rock gauntlet, from tightly finessed stops and starts, to well judged, flatout sprints of carefree, awesome distortion ; the shift and shape of the song held together by drummer, Dave Batchelor and bass player, Fin Cunningham, the latter doing the majority of the heavy lifting in the verses with a quietly confident Pixie-esque dragline ; Dave Batchelor, typifying the sound and attitude of band, by comprehensively working the whole kit, to bring out both emotional and sonic dynamics of the track, through creative use of rhythmic variety & percussive idea.

Lead singer, Tom Cunningham’s Indie-pop vocals resonate with a rasping, soulful edge that draws the ear ; his laid back pace, compelling the listener to take a step closer and care just a little bit more. “No Real Control” is pub gigs, beer stained floors and plastic cup ashtrays. It’s a singalong, bounce about, hug your mates, ‘it’ll be alright’ track. It’s late teens / early twenties and a world of infinite possibilities. It’s everything that might be and nothing that can’t. It’s whatever gets you through the night. ..it’s alright.

Twitter: @TheTrustedBand
IG: TheTrusted_
With My Army by Paloma RushArtist: Paloma Rush
Track: “With My Army”
LA based self described, ‘Pop / EDM / Hip Hop’, Artist, Paloma Rush delivers a tight right of punch & pop, electronic ‘don’t let the dance music stop’, with a deft left, word to the beat spoken drop ; a well crafted summer banger, of accomplished instrumentation and surprising depth in composition and mix ; that successfully combines, inspiring use of contrasting musical element, perfectly pitched vocal arrangement, and an ‘A to the X-to-the-Y-to-the-Z’ of electro pop, dance floor hot, percussive device and FX Vox ; with the driving swagger & shunt of a bassline grunt, and the low down pump of well judged, boom and bump, that engages the body and enriches the soul. “With My Army”, skips through the bars, light on its feet and built for repeat, the track changes up, floating on the four count, you had better fly! Very much an Artist on the up and up, Paloma Rush has just stepped up. ..she sings like it’s meant to be.

Twitter: @Paloma_Rush
IG: Paloma_Rush

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