Beginnings of a Hollywood Rock Saga | “She Don’t Know” by Zach Callison

Zach Callison brings listeners on a chaotic journey into despair and addiction with his new track, “She Don’t Know”

She dont know by Zach CallisonWith a smattering of different genre influences and captivating storytelling, Zach Callison taps into the darker side of fame and heartbreak in a way that inspires both sympathy and frustration. Harrowing instrumentation, soaring vocals, and a no-holds-barred attitude create a track of self-loathing and vulnerability that feels undeniably real. A raging rhythm collides with a mix of electric and acoustic guitars as well as Callison’s piano, building an arrangement that lends itself to the desperation at the center of the character’s journey.

“She Don’t Know” is Available now on Spotify and iTunes!

“She Don’t Know” is from Callison’s debut EP, A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak.

A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak is an epic rock saga and AVAILABLE NOW!

The actor/musician, most known as the voice of “Steven” on Cartoon Network’s hit show Steven Universe, spent the past year expertly crafting the dynamic one-act alternative rock musical that comprises his debut EP. Running just under 30 minutes long, Zach pulled inspiration from real life experiences and personal struggles to create a stunningly energetic and grandiose* musical journey in the form of one cohesive story.

A A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak by Zach CallisonThis unique experiment in sounds is a genre-bending tale of protagonist Zach, and his lost love, Juanita. The twists and turns are as surprising as the special guests, including Callison’s co-star from Steven Universe, Grace Rolek, on some of the interludes, as well as singers Merges and Jesaiah. The EP cements Callison’s place as a creative rock-pop powerhouse in a world of trend-following pop songs. The project itself is an all encompassing artistic vision, going beyond the music with cover art that displays little hints and tidbits about the story itself, rounding out a full artistic experience for fans and critics. But, the intensely emotional tale, interwoven with purely compelling rock arrangements, makes for an all together introspective and incomparable experience.

On the opening track, “Phantom Love,” Callison’s voice serves as an introduction, haunting and emotional from the very start. It’s a reflective track about the end of Zach’s relationship with the mysterious Juanita. It grows in power and intensity with its burgeoning arrangement of guitars, harmonies and an unequivocally addictive rhythm. However, the true surprise comes in the unforgettable rap that hits just before the chaotic final note. Things get darker, but no less addictive, on the effervescent pop rock track “She Don’t Know.” A grieving Zach is taunted by the world, leading him into the dark side of Hollywood where he begins to lose himself in a spiral of drug use and self-sabotage. Between the jaunty piano and bright synths, the track brings listeners on a topsy-turvy carnival ride through the thoughts and methods of an unstable mind. On “Nightmare,” listeners experience the softer side of Callison’s gritty, rock-infused disposition. It features another impressive rap immersed in heartfelt rhythmic poetry— words that are impactful at their very core. Stunning piano melds with atmospheric synths for a truly subjective view of how loneliness can slowly allow someone to lose themselves completely.

“Curtain Call” is a turning point in the dramatic battle between two versions of one man. The explosive track is the beginning of the end, full of dark eulogies and uncertainty, between wild electric guitar riffs and pounding drums. Wrought with all the pain a broken heart can possess, Callison’s howling vocals encompass those dark emotions effortlessly. The ruthless finale, “War!”, features an all-out smear campaign. As Zach’s hurt turns to anger, he goes after Juanita with everything he has on this no-holds-barred revenge track. One of the most genre-forward tracks on the EP, it melds blues, rock, and jazz into one cohesive moment. From the swinging notes of the brass section that pepper the arrangement, to the raging electric guitar, it’s a song that captures the intensity of finally giving into your demons. As the finale track, “War!” taps into all the highlights of an EP full of powerful moments, bringing them together in one explosive sendoff.

Alternative Rock artist, Zach Callison

Be on the look out for A Picture Perfect Hollywood Heartbreak by Zach Callison OUT NOW!
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