Sonic Sound Experience | Tangerine Fantastic Album by Antony Payne

Antony Payne Releases New Album,
Tangerine Fantastic  

Tangerine Fantastic album by Anthony PayneFollowing the release of his debut album Glory in August 2017, singer/songwriter/producer, Antony Payne moved to Los Angeles with his pregnant wife and put down roots in the Silver Lake neighborhood. With the change of scenery, birth of his daughter and a new, re-energized outlook on life, Antony began working on the material that would become Tangerine Fantastic.

Tangerine Fantastic is a sonic experience like no other. The album is complex, but strangely familiar in the best ways possible. Like much of Antony Payne’s music, this project is laden with undeniably catchy hooks and riffs, accompanied by a certain youthful excitement in his delivery. What separates Tangerine Fantastic from Payne’s previous works is the tangible warmth found throughout every track.

As a songwriter, I’m always writing, composing, and piecing together new music. Over the past year, I started to hear a common tone in certain songs. They had a color to them that had been missing. Once I came to this realization, I spent the subsequent months tossing out hundreds of tracks and takes, cutting songs, and began a quest for the purest rendering of the vibe I’m after. Also, contrary to my prior individualistic artistic process, for Tangerine Fantastic I worked with a handful of musicians in LA who were tuned in to the same frequencies. At the end of the day, we were able to come together and really bottle something special here. – Anthony Payne

Tangerine Fantastic is Available Now on iTunes!
IG: AntonyPayneMusic

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