Get to Know New York Writer, The Blakk Dahlia

The Blakk Dahlia

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With her recent book releases, The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), has been gaining momentum in the writing world. She’s currently working on her lifestyle blog where she outlines her adjustment to NYC and taking risks towards accomplishing her goals.

Since releasing the first three installments of the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series, “Rushing to Distraction”, “Wrong Vengeance”, and “Devastation or Destiny???”book press outlets have been catching onto this new author, wanting to know more!

the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series by The Blakk Dahlia

In her recent interviews, she gives details on writing inspirations, creative process, and what’s to come. Readers will also get a chance to understand the method to her madness in writing along with the inspiration behind the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. (View Press Page.)

In between book promotions and writing, The Blakk Dahlia released the “7-Day Guide to Forget about Your Heartbreak”. The guide is available now and FREE for her email subscribers (SIGN UP HERE).

More from The Blakk Dahlia:


“7-Day Guide to Forget About Your Heartbreak”. Learn self-building ways to forget about past relationships by starting healthy new routines for the mind and the body! SIGN UP HERE for your FREE Guide!

From the desk of The Blakk Dahlia, “Seat Filler”. A short “truth moment” from the Blakk Dahlia giving anticipating readers a taste of what’s in store for the Heartbreak Diaries. READ NOW!

The Blakk Dahlia is an all-around creative from Macon, GA. Now residing in New York City, she continues her journey in entertainment (Editor-In-Chief of BRASH! Magazine), fashion, acting, and now as a lifestyle blogger/author. Her first release “Rushing to Distraction”, is the first installment of the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series.

In addition, The Blakk Dahlia outlines her random adventures and lessons as an “NYC Transplant” in the self-titled lifestyle blog.

Why “The Blakk Dahlia”?
“A moniker adapted from the true story of “The Black Dahlia”. People only know of her claim to fame which started with her death and the mystery surrounding it. However, the public knows little of her story. It had been said that she was an aspiring actress. She had dreams, desires, and goals. There were speculations of her life prior to that brutal day. But only she knew, and she was not able to tell her story. No matter of her story of getting there, and the winding road taken in her life, she died full of her dreams.”

The Blakk Dahlia logo

Follow the journey of The Blakk Dahlia and stay tuned for more book release details and inspirations.
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: BlakkDahliaWrites


Updated: 7/28/2019

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