Week10 | Tobi’s New Music Monster Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Music MonsterTobi's new music monster

High by Lis Asaro - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Liz Asaro
Track: “High”
New York based multi-genre influenced Artist, Liz Asaro drops her third release of 2018, new single, “High”; high concept, 80s inspired production, confidently paired with a contemporary, upfront mix, with stylishly finessed stereo field and disciplined use of reverb, ambitiously frames the well crafted, slow burn to explosion, blockbuster pop/alt rock, 3 minute 27 second epic. “Can You Feel It in the Air Tonight” drums, backed-up by a multitude of modern pop percussive elements, creating depth and width ; further enhanced by cinematic-style sound design, provide drive and scale for an impressive array of instrumental idea, intuitively arranged within well worked sonic space. Talented singer Liz Asaro delivers a striking performance ; her voice a compelling and contrasting combination of soulful, rock tone, lingering pop-sweet whisper and funk-attitude snarl ; packaged in a rapid-fire assault of chart-targeted, stutter/pitch/delay/reverse vox FX and vocoder/vox-synthed, double tracks and harmonies. “High” marks a step up in terms of production and songwriting for the New York based Artist. The track struts and swaggers, like a prize fighter ready for the big night; resonating a sense of confidence by the beat, landing it’s punches hard on the bar. Look high and listen up, Liz Asaro has found her sound. And she’s ready to rumble.

Twitter: @LizAsaroMusic
IG: LizAsaroMusic

Boys of Summer by Smoke Season - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Smoke Season
Track: “Boys of Summer”
In drenched reverb, shimmered after-echoed-glow and acoustic tender arpeggio, LA based electro soul duo, Smoke Season release sublime re-imagining of Don Henley’s 1984 hit, “Boys of Summer”. Having begun the year with a Jam in the Van, followed by bitter-electro-sweet-pop single, “Sweetest Thing”, Smoke Season’s mesmerizingly beautiful, smoldering slice of nostalgic-take on the founding Eagles’ iconic solo offering, marks their third in a series of characteristically eclectic 2018 releases. In quiet defiance of the band’s electro-influences, the haunting synthesized laments of Henley’s original, are neither replicated nor updated; electronic sonics instead float ambient, ethereal, creating layers and widths; the digital and the analog entwined, deftly saturated, reborn indistinguishable; Smoke Season daring the listen to tell the difference. Exquisitely judged vocal and instrument FX, processed/delayed, singular and bespoke, ‘ghost’ the expansive, multi-instrumental production of the 80s original. Gabby Bianco’s vocals rise and fall, building up and breaking apart, in a finessed and contrasting performance; quietly seducing and yet, melancholy inducing; the singer’s rendition, a living act of creation, improvisational, intuitive and inspired. A stand still moment; a breathless pause, held in intimate embrace; a smile caught in sunshine, blended almost invisible; hey baby, hey baby, hey; girls say, girls say; hey baby, hey baby, hey; boys, boys say.

Twitter: @SmokeSeasonBand
IG: SmokeSeason


Hustle by Yumi and the Weather - BRASH! Magazine BlogArtist: Yumi and the Weather
Track: “Hustle”
Brighton (UK) based neo-synth pop rush ‘n’ noir four piece, Yumi and the Weather arrive fashionably late to 2018, with new single and uber cool slice of synth-sonic-speed-racer, “Hustle”. Taken from their forthcoming, self-titled LP (release date: Sept. 14), the 3 minute 46 second track, drops on a dash; Ruby Taylor’s stylish vocal delivery, catches the ear from the get go; a hush ‘n’ run, cry from the technoir dark city, further enhanced by deft use of harmonies, blended lush on the reverb. Tonight’s the night, tight drums, snare gated, punch drive in high transient spikes; metronomic sequence, lead, wave and pad, simmer, sear, scorch and scold; guitar and bass, fused analog/digital hybrid, hot wired intrinsic to the expansive, cinematic sound design. Sound FX merge with the musical, vocal moments float, adrift in the sonic-space-infinite; building in pulsating layers of well produced, arrangement, “Hustle” rises on the low down; synth-tronic-solo, cast monumental against the breaking sun, ‘I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.’; ear-caught vocals, blade-run-down to absence, drums deceased and synths resistored, sequencer stops, lost, ‘..like tears in the rain. Time to die.’

Yumi and the Weather’s debut LP is available to pre-order now, as both digital download and on limited edition 12″ orange vinyl, on Bandcamp!

Twitter: @_YATW
IG: YumiAndTheWeather

Week10 Music Monster Picks

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