A Story of Being Infected with Toxic Behaviors | Book Cover Release from The Blakk Dahlia

New York Author, The Blakk Dahlia, Shares Cover for “Wrong Vengeance”, Second Installment from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series

Wrong Vengeance by The Blakk Dahlia

(NEW YORK, NY) – Author, The Blakk Dahlia, kicked off the Summer with the book release, Rushing to Distraction. The lust vs. love story is an introduction to the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. Upon receiving much exposure from book lovers and the media, this new author is ready to continue the series in teasing with the cover of the second “diary entry”, Wrong Vengeance.

Wrong Vengeance is a story of what happens when pain isn’t completely healed. The book also touches on serious subject matters such as co-parenting and domestic violence. The Blakk Dahlia took a personal experience and created a tale of romance, chaos, pain, and self-discovery.

“This book is close to me as it begins with a based on a true story approach in my own dealings with violence in a relationship. It then dives into a non-fiction story that is relatable and entertaining”, she says. “I hope those who read this gains knowledge of how to help a friend or themselves to get out of a bad situation along with working towards healing the broken parts within.”

Rushing to Distraction by The Blakk Dahlia

Rushing to Distraction Available Now!

As readers found in the first book, Rushing to Distraction, The Blakk Dahlia gives a personal reflection moment from an essential character in each book. Starting with a Dear Diary, venturing into a straight from the source details from the heart. This is a signature offering that will be seen in each diary entry from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series.

Wrong Vengeance is set to be released this Fall! To learn more about The Blakk Dahlia and the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series, visit www.TheBlakkDahlia.com.

About Wrong Vengeance
Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy deals with the type of man she’s grown to despise. It’s hard for her not to turn into what destroyed her emotionally. She knew better. Knew she deserved better but love…It ends in a nearly fatal disaster. Brandy was lucky to have fled the grasp of the pain attempting to draw her back in. Moving on, life deals her a good hand in the game of love. However, the pain of what she escaped lingers; slowly releasing the monster within. Will she allow past hurt to eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.

About the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series
Heartbreak Diaries is a collection of stories highlighting different levels of pain in Loveland. Sometimes their heart is broken, sometimes they break the hearts of others, and sometimes they break their own hearts. It’s up to you to decide. Heartbreak Diaries is filled with love, lust is mistaken for love, love lost, and love regained. The self-reflections of where one goes wrong when deciding who to love and how to prevent it from ending. Holding on to what is meant for you and letting go of what is not. Dive into these stories of the hopeless romantics who are strong, naïve, selfish, and sometimes, just plain pathetic. Are you ready for the Heartbreak?

The Blakk Dahlia

Photo Credit: Julius July Photography

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), is an Author/Model/Blogger/Editor-In-Chief. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that being a creator can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams.

The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series the Heartbreak Diaries delving into the true inner thoughts and various routes of heartache and how women cope and move on. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.

Media Contact:
Fearless Vision Marketing | FearlessVisionMarketing@live.com

The Blakk Dahlia logo

Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: BlakkDahliaWrites

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