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Learn more about the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series by The Blakk Dahlia

the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series by The Blakk Dahlia

Heartbreak Diaries is a collection of stories highlighting different levels of pain in Loveland. Sometimes their heart is broken, sometimes they break the hearts of others, and sometimes they break their own hearts. It’s up to you to decide. Heartbreak Diaries is filled with love, lust is mistaken for love, love lost, and love regained. The self-reflections of where one goes wrong when deciding who to love and how to prevent it from ending. Holding on to what is meant for you and letting go of what is not.

What’s unique about this series is that it dives into these heart types from a real and vulnerable place. Each book has a “dear diary” moment from an integral character, displaying their true intentions within the story.


Rushing to Distraction Book by The Blakk Dahlia
“Rushing to Distraction” 

The Foolish HeartHow do you know when to give up?
Farrah is focused and knows her worth until she runs into Jamie. She wasn’t asking for the romantic feelings but when the possibilities showed up, it was hard to let go. Her goals fell by the wayside, her personal relationships faltered; all because she’s distracted by a possibility. Jamie knows she’s wrapped around his finger; slowly drawing her in with the potential for a great love.  For Farrah, he isn’t moving fast enough.
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Wrong Vengeance Book by The Blakk Dahlia
“Wrong Vengeance” 
The Toxic HeartHe Wanted to Love Her, She Wanted REVENGE!
Pain…A hard thing to let go. Brandy deals with the type of man she’s grown to despise. It’s hard for her not to turn into what destroyed her emotionally. She knew better. Knew she deserved better but love…It ends in a nearly fatal disaster. Brandy was lucky to have fled the grasp of the pain attempting to draw her back in. Moving on, life deals her a good hand in the game of love. However, the pain of what she escaped lingers; slowly releasing the monster within. Will she allow past hurt to eliminate future happiness? A constant replay of a bad experience can kill a good thing. It’s even worse when you’re becoming the Heartbreak.
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Devastation or Destiny??? Book by The Blakk Dahlia

“Devastation or Destiny???”
The Settled HeartChoose the Love of Your Life, OR the Life You Love?
Tanya found her happy ending, but it wasn’t the one she wrote. A lover of adventure and exploration found the heart of a hard-working traditional man. Kenneth is unwilling to take on her dreams, however, he gives the greatest love with no reservations. As their wedding day approaches, she finds herself thinking of what could have been. Did I give up on what I REALLY wanted too soon?
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The Perfect Sin book by The Blakk Dahlia

“The Perfect Sin”
The Selfish Heart…Forbidden Love Will Cost You!
Her life was on the brink of gaining full control in all areas until a series of losses, (job, livelihood, love, independence) threw her into a downward spiral. Climbing her way back up, she meets “him”. Darren appears to have his eye on career and family only, but Jennifer wants his focus on her. It was innocent in the beginning, but a sinister force draws her to a man that is not available. He doesn’t resist, equally giving into the force, slowly pulling them into a love that was not supposed to happen.
Coming February 2020! | READ MORE.

In every story from this series, readers will get a personal reflection moment from an essential character in each book. Starting with a Dear Diary, venturing into a straight from the source details from the heart. This is a signature offering that will be seen in each diary entry from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series.

Snippet from “Rushing to Distraction”

…But I would have made loving me so easy for him. No games, no questions, no worries. Free love, free compassion, free support, free everything. He didn’t even have to work at it. I wanted to give it to him freely…

Author, The Blakk Dahlia - BRASH! Magazine BlogABOUT THE BLAKK DAHLIA
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown) is an all-around creative from Macon, GA. Now residing in New York City. She continues her journey in entertainment (Editor-In-Chief of BRASH! Magazine), fashionacting, and now as a lifestyle blogger/author. Her first release “Rushing to Distraction”, is the first installment of the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. Learn more at
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: BlakkDahliaWrites

Photo Credit: KymTrice Photography

Updated: 1/06/20

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