Celebrating Our Warrior Women | Breast Cancer Support

Dream Bigger Media Group Supports Breast Cancer with “The Warrior Wall”

“DMV based entertainment investment firm supports survivors”

Baltimore, MD – On Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018 in the heart of Baltimore, Serial Entrepreneur Ryan Collision and his team at Dream Bigger Media Group (DBMG) brought the Baltimore community together for the unveiling of their tribute piece The Warrior Wall for those currently battling, and for those who’ve lost their lives to Breast Cancer. This wall will represent a place where visitors can take pictures/interact to spread awareness to the cause.

Dream Bigger Media Group Supports Breast Cancer with “The Warrior Wall”

The unveiling brought out a mass amount of members of the community, they wrote the names of loved ones and/or quotes on custom balloons made by Kid Balloon. At the end of the event the balloons were released and prayed over.

The Warrior Wall is now just another example of Dream Bigger Media Group’s neighborhood involvement and impact in the DMV.

About Ryan Collision
Ryan Collision is a serial entrepreneur with success at the highest level. Ryan. Has founded, grown, and sold two start-ups in the healthcare space and participated in $250 + million in healthcare M&A transactions since 2015. As CEO of two highly successful companies, infinity behavior health services and Delphi. Ryan has a proved track-record of leadership and vision. Dream Bigger Media Group is his latest endeavor.

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