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Tobi's new music monster

Amorie - For No One cover artArtist: Amorie
Track: “For No One”
Self described, ‘Electro Pop Enigma’ Amorie delivers a haunting re-imagining of The Beatles’ 1966 release “For No One”. Taken from The Fab Four’s seminal Revolver Album, the song’s strikingly open and creatively off balance stereo field is carefully and lovingly reflected and cast anew for the contemporary marketplace, by a deftly crafted arrangement and mix; Amorie’s rendition echoing the original, by favoring a right biased compositio; a mournful soft pad breathing in and out in graceful waves, sits slightly right; the inspired use of right to left panning to introduce the iconic French Horn of Sir George Martin’s production, is recreated here with modern day riser blended in, across the stereo field; a stripped down version of the guitar part, is tastefully delayed to add ear candy. Amorie’s voice floats at the phantom center of the track; her engaging interpretation, bringing a longing sense of nostalgia and melancholy to Paul McCartney penned lyrics; well finessed reverb, framing her voice almost ethereal and gaseous. Lush and gorgeous use of backing vocal, double, harmony and FX, produces a rich multi-layered ambient of shifting depth and width. Though born and raised in St Louis, at 18 years old, Amorie moved to Liverpool to study at the city’s Institute of Performing Arts. In the stand out young artist’s own words, “I idolised the character of this song – I wanted to be the kind of girl that cried for no one, whose words would haunt long after she’s gone. It’s been a really empowering experience to put it into my own voice and style.” The long term and heartfelt connected felt by Amorie for this song, speaks quiet volumes of the common value that sits at the core of all great music – passion. Built upon a bedrock of sincerity, Amorie’s “For No One” is an accomplished and stand out work of profound artistic integrity. Put simply, is has been performed, recorded and produced with love.

“For No One” is out now across all streaming media platforms. You can find out more about Amorie via her website.

IG: thatgirlamorie

On the Subject of Breathing Cover FinalArtist: Bryde
Track: “On the Subject of Breathing”
With raspy guitar on the grind and lashings of lyrics on the unwind, UK based singer/songwriter Bryde cooks up a fierce portion of glorious Independent noise, with new single “On the Subject of Breathing”. The Pembrokeshire born Artist’s ninth release of 2018, following up on a rapid fire series of indie-drops, from the brooding build and break of “To Be Brave” (opening track of 2018 release and debut album ‘Like an Island’), to the graceful, oblique and beauty in obscurity of “Euphoria”, “On the Subject of Breathing” marks Bryde’s fifth single release of original material this year, with remixes of “To Be Brave” and “Fast Awake” and an acoustic version of “Peace”, adding to that tally ; the artist smartly embracing the ‘search engine friendly’ practice of uploading new material on a regular basis. Bryde demonstrating the importance for even the most strikingly creative and independent artists to work the market, thereby freeing themselves to craft original and challenging work. “On the Subject of Breathing” is a pulsating 3 minutes 18 seconds of contrasting dynamics, depths and moods. Driving, raw guitars crack, crunch and grunge the track forward; supported by heavy weighted drums, punching deep into the stereo field. Additional distorted six strings wail and sing in resonating sirens of feedback and loop. Bryde’s voice rises and falls in a great emotional landscape of dark valley, building hillside and soaring cliff edge. Her lyrics whispered and whipped at you, in conflicting stanzas of honest phrase, question in frustration and exclamation in anguish and relief. The work of the talented guitarist and vocalist working in odd, shifting harmony and partnership, both at odds and to the same end; Very much the embodiment of the singer/songwriter, instrument and voice inseparable, as one and in single act of creation, Bryde is part of a new wave of female artists, like fellow UK based Annabel Allum (Monster Pick “Sofa Song”) and Canadian Jeen (Monster Pick “Bring Out Your Knives”) creating noisy, unapologetic music that stands in willful protest and rejection of, a hitherto male dominated industry; content to rehash the same old, lazy and generic, ‘user friendly’ pop nothingness; placing the presentation of ‘hyper sexualized’ young women/girls, at the center of a tired and entirely amoral marketing scam, designed to ply the public with overpriced merchandise, they probably can’t afford and certainly don’t need.

Bryde is touring the UK throughout November. To find out more, check out her website!

Twitter: @brydeofficial
IG: brydeofficial

eSensuals Cover Art - Fans of Jimmy CenturyArtist: Fans of Jimmy Century
Track: “Ghosts of Paradise – Acoustic Choirgang Remix”/ eSensuals Greatest Hits
Las Vegas based nu wave/indie pop/neo noir pro noisemakers Fans of Jimmy Century drop 12 track sonic odyssey, “eSensuals”, featuring acoustic rendition of their stand out hit, “Ghosts of Paradise”. Vocalist/Songwriter Alicia Perrone and Producer/Songwriter Victor James, aka Fans of Jimmy Century, began 2018 with an ambitious set of release targets; intended to test themselves, in terms of productivity, songwriting craft and musicianship. What followed is a roller coaster ride of month by month releases, that blended and bent musical style and influence, tasking the duo like never before. An aggressive and personally taxing promotion and networking strategy, supported the releases across social media, local radio and digital platform. Fans of Jimmy Century courting playlist curator, blogger and DJ; the seasoned campaigners, bringing the hustle to a new level of intensity. With the ever-necessary paying work in voice over, beat creation and video, also continuing on a day to day basis, Alicia and Victor had to walk the tightrope of burn out, stumbling on more than one occasion. In this regard, “eSensuals” is not only an astonishing and strikingly accomplished collection of musical style, idea and influence, it is testament to the dedication, passion and sacrifice required of the modern artist; working in a recovering, but nevertheless unforgiving market, that asks much of independent practitioners and gives little in return. Each track possessing it’s own distinct musical personality, each with it’s own unique value and intrigue; from the swaggering, theatrical and demented singalong, “All My Friends are Ice Queens”, to the hard-driving, mustang drag race, sonic rocket and attitude orgasm, “Best of My Generation (Johnny Rotten)” and pop rock, night at the opera and anthem on mars, “Ghosts of Paradise”; “eSensuals” draws its influences from the likes of Prince, Queen, Bowie and beyond, twisting and reworking each and re-imagining them as a sprawling, eclectic carnival of sound, melody, beat and harmony. Great bands not only create great music, they create their own worlds. Welcome to the singular, extraordinary, stand out and stand apart world of Fans of Jimmy Century.

Follow the day to day lunacy of Alicia and Victor via FOJCTV!

Twitter: @jimmycentury
IG: fansofjimmycentury

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