Ending it With A BANGER | “DRUGZ” by EG¥PT

Singer/songwriter and recording artist breaks 40,000 plays in 24hrs

EG¥PT a new artist breaking barriers early before 2019

Charlotte, NC – Self-taught, singer/songwriter and recording artist, EG¥PT, recently released her single “DRUGZ”. “DRUGZ” is one of the nine songs on her soon to be released EP, early 2019. Only a year into her music career and she’s breaking barriers by reaching 40,000 plays on “DRUGZ” in just 24 hours.

"DRUGZ"  by Egypt

Fans adore EG¥PT’s artistry because of her soft, soulful voice, songwriting ability and her sexy, edgy but yet classy style. Fan’s think it is safe to say that EG¥PT is that mix of Rhianna’s edge, Aaliyah’s mysterious and soulful vibe and the crazy, sexy, cool of TLC; that we’ve been yearning to see in this industry.

Listen to “DRUGZ”

About EG¥PT
As a former actress and starting her singing and music career just a year and a half ago, EG¥PT is moving fast through the industry. She infuses her own style and edge with the modern trap-soul genre to give a refreshing sound to the Hip- Hop industry. She continues to grow and evolve her musical ability, brand, and following, to maximize her career and become a power player within the industry.

Twitter: @iamegyptmusic
IG: iamegyptmusic


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