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A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our
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Music Reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster


Track: “The Morning Hurts” (Vicious EP)
UK-based The Trusted deliver a four-track serving of guitars ‘n’ swagger, drumbeats for geezer streets, and indie rock anthem with debut EP, ‘Vicious’.

Bringing together their previous three single releases, ‘No Real Control’ (https://brashblog.wordpress.com/2018/07/16/week4-tobis-new-music-monster-picks/), ‘Cigarettes and Chandeliers’ (https://brashblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/15/week17-tobis-new-music-monster-picks/), and the title track, ‘Vicious’ (https://brashblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/18/week33-tobis-new-music-monster-picks/), the 14-minute collection is completed by a new track, ‘The Morning Hurts’. A smoldering, quiet blitz of regretful melancholy and hungover introspection. Raspy electric riff and EQ-ed light acoustic percussive chord, wailing six string and somber bassline walk; drums that tumble down in deadened snare smack and cymbal explosion shimmer. The four-minute twenty-six-second song unfolding in layers of creatively worked and well-judged instrumentation with dirty grace and mournful longing. Lead singer Tom Cunningham crafting image and idea through dazed conversation and confused question.

In 14 short minutes, The Trusted demonstrate an impressive musical range. From the swagger ‘n’ strut of ‘Cigarettes and Chandeliers’, and Indie pub-gig anthem, ‘No Real Control’, to the slow burn romantic malice of ‘Vicious’ and timeless haze of, ‘The Morning Hurts’. The success with which the band shift through the various indie gears is matched by the originality and creativity they bring to each track. Wall to wall quality throughout, the EP is an undeniable testament to the self-discipline, work ethic, and ambition of Tom, Dale, Fin, and Dave. Years from now you will want to tell people where you were, the first time you heard The Trusted.

Twitter: @thetrustedband
IG: thetrusted_


red rosamond trigger bang bangArtist: Red Rosamond
Track: “Trigger Bang Bang”
LA-based Independent Artist Red Rosamond drops a sultry cool slice of cinematic pop with new single, ‘Trigger Bang Bang’.

Inspiring immediate and favorable comparison to the swagger and style of a classic James Bond title track, ‘Trigger Bang Bang’ saunters with smoldering malice and great surges of epic instrumentation, juxtaposed against lo-fi beat and mournful, yet soulful backing vocal. Tastefully judged use of ambient, layers of instrumentation, reverb, and delay creates a great wealth of depth and width throughout the two-minute fifty-two-second composition. Red Rosamond’s vocals stand tall with an intoxicating sense of theatre and grand emotion. Her performance every bit the equal of the operatic production. Red Rosamond’s voice soars with staggering intensity and honesty while demonstrating technique of the highest standard.

Great pop is both music and event, dysfunction and arrogance, vulgarity and art. ‘Trigger Bang Bang’ is all of these, and in this Red Rosamond demonstrates a rare potential; namely, that might one day, not only stand compare to but stand alongside the likes of Bowie and Prince. Very much an Artist to watch.

Twitter: @redrosamond
IG: redrosamond

Track: “Bubble” (Bubble EP)
Glasgow-based four-piece Banshee delivers an impressive blend of independent pop ‘n’ alternative rock with their new EP, ‘Bubble’.

Built upon a bedrock of accomplished songwriting and compelling indie lyric and singalong vocal, the four-track collection drives hard and fast from start to finish with one tightly produced crowdpleaser after another. Each song giving the impression of being born and raised in the noise and the good times of the live scene, the EP appears to have been designed and built to conquer playlist, radio and chart alike.

Far from just a smash ‘n’ grab Indie moshpit banger, the unrelenting energy of ‘Bubbles’ belies the hard worked instrumentation and smartly judged production at work throughout. Clever use of FX, mix, and composition make for a fiercely contemporary listening experience; and serve to enhance depth and dynamic alike.

Catch Banshee live this April in Inverness (5th) and Edinburgh (6th)

Twitter: @BansheemusicUK
IG: BansheemusicUK

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