BRASHION! Exclusive | No Pay No Runway®

BRASH! Magazine Interviews No Pay No Runway®‘s CEO/Founder, Carnell Jones. A Model Movement Giving Voices and Raising Awareness for the Beauties of the Catwalk

No Pay No Runway Interview - BRASH! Magazine Blog

No Pay No Runway® was formed to bring awareness to all models who may have found themselves being treated unfairly or manipulated into working for Free.

Did you know that every time a model hits the runway during your favorite fashion event, she walks away with experience, minimum exposure, and weeks of countless emails/inquiries for pictures to add to the portfolio. Many are unaware of the time investments given in the industry from models who are looking to make their own mark. Unfortunately, those opportunities to start and thrive as a working model are very few.

No Pay No Runway® is standing up to be that voice. Giving models a platform to advise and speak out against designers, fashion production companies, and other brands utilizing their talents for events to boost their company’s profiles, and leaving the models with nothing.

BRASH! Magazine reached out to the founder of No Pay No Runway®, Carnell Jones, for more details on the movement and how models can get involved!

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

CEO/Founder of No Pay No Runway, Carnell Jones

BRASH! What is the overall mission for the movement? Our mission is to give every model a voice to speak out against free labor in the fashion industry, and to eventually get them the wages they deserve.

BRASH! Why do you feel that models accepted the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in order to hit the runway? Many models accept the terms of unpaid gigs and exposure in the beginning because most of the producers and designers are selling them false hope and dreams. For a young model to hear “If you walk for free, you will get great exposure and you will eventually become the next modeling star” is a rather soft spot for most models. The average model is between 15 & 25 years of age, so when they hear “You will become famous one day”, they tend to put their guards down and accept anything.

Read the full exclusive interview in the Spring ’19 Issue of BRASH! Magazine.

For more information, follow No Pay No Runway® on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re a model who would like to reach out to the movement regarding mistreatment in the fashion industry, email
IG: NoPayNoRunway


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