New Female MC, Molly McCoy Releases New Single, “What You Gonna Do”

Meet Molly McCoy, New Female MC, Making Music as a Way of Life!

What You Gonna Do by Molly MCoy

Introducing Molly Mccoy, a female MC and hard working artist and songwriter from The Bronx! Being a 90s baby wasn’t easy for Ms. Mccoy. Dealing with many roadblocks and hurdles, she continued to keep a smile on her face. Starting off rapping because of her step father, music became more than a passion, it became a way of life. After getting kicked out of various schools, Molly took up music full time. She’s hype, fun, addictive, and high off life. Never having popped a molly (the drug) she will get you addicted through her music! One of Molly’s inspirations is Travis Mccoy of Gym Class Heroes, who she inherited her last name from. For Molly, music is not only form of expression, but also a way to share what she has been through in life. In addition to making music, she also is a part time hairdresser.

My music is for the world to feel happiness and fun again! – Molly Mccoy

“What You Gonna Do” is Available Now on Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon, AppleMusic, & Tidal!

Twitter: @Mollydondodda
IG: mollymccoy_


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