The Devastation is HERE! | Book Release from The Blakk Dahlia

Author, The Blakk Dahlia, Creates Fireworks for the Fourth of July with the Release of “Devastation or Destiny???” from the Heartbreak Diaries Series

Take a seat, get a glass of wine, put on your favorite background music, and prepare to be DEVASTATED

Available Now

Go down the aisle with Tanya and Kenneth to find out if the destruction will be worth it. Living the life you were destined to live can come at a cost but are you willing to pay?

“Devastation or Destiny???” (The Settled Heart) is a romantic love story gone wrong. The novella goes into detail about the choices made to live a desired life, versus what life gives throughout the journey. When the romance and lifestyle don’t align, what should one choose? Love or the destiny that is craved? And when a choice isn’t made, does the universe step in and decide?

Tanya is the adventurous type, not wanting to settle down as a traditional wife. However, the love of her life, Kenneth, wants just that. Settling for love, she finds herself yearning for the life she’d always wanted to live. When the devastation steps in, Tanya is thrown into dismay wondering why she gave up so much for love. But will destiny take over and show her the way? Or will she settle for settling just to be in love?

Devastation or Destiny??? Book by The Blakk Dahlia“Devastation or Destiny???” is the third “entry” from the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series. Author, The Blakk Dahlia developed the collection of romantic/suspenseful novellas outlining her own personal history with love/lust and the lessons learned along the way. The NYC author created fictional tales through the perspective of various “hearts” designed to give readers a new style of storytelling. Previous releases, “Rushing to Distraction”, and “Wrong Vengeance”, The Blakk Dahlia tapped into the Foolish and Toxic Hearts, respectively. “I just wanted to open up a different type of dialog between men and women about how we enter relationships. It’s something different, vulnerable, and was very therapeutic [during the writing process]…”, reveals The Blakk Dahlia in an interview with The Author’s Corner.

Releasing the book on Independence shows the depth of the true meaning of freeing yourself and allowing what is meant for you to find you. – The Blakk Dahlia


“Devastation or Destiny???” (The Settled Heart) is Available Now on multiple digital book retailers. The paperback version is available exclusively on Amazon.

For more details on the new release and the Heartbreak Diaries Book Series, visit

Author, The Blakk Dahlia

Photo Credit: Joe Miles (NYC)

About The Blakk Dahlia
The Blakk Dahlia (E. Alexcina Brown), is an Author/Model/Actress/Editor-In-Chief. The Macon, GA native has released various ventures within the entertainment and fashion industries in front of the camera as an internationally published model as well as behind the scenes. Now residing in New York City, Brown wears many hats showing that being a creator can open many doors while inspiring others to take risks in pursuing their dreams. As a writer, she has contributed articles, blogs, stories, etc. for various industries. Striking out on her own, she’s showing her strength beyond entertainment focusing on lifestyle and stories to entertain while healing. The Blakk Dahlia released her first book series, the Heartbreak Diaries, delving into the inner thoughts and routes of heartache. She takes you through the process through her stories, documenting the journey of taking risks in life and self-discovery.
Twitter: @TweetAlexcina
IG: BlakkDahliaWrites

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