Week 55 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Where Did My love Go by Alex McArtor Artist: Alex McArtor
Track: “Where Did My Love Go”
Sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter Alex McArtor delivers a sublime slice of percussive groove and uber-cool cinema moods with her new release, “Where Did My Love Go”.

From the distant mono of the lo-fi radio, six-string flex and hand drum patter fade into stereo; tremolo rakes shimmer, Tarantino infused cool. Electric keys add groove and soul. Instrumentation drifts, glimmers in the cinema dark; ambient in reverb and delay, between us and the vista-haze. Brass swells in rusty moods, Peckinpah west, and ‘old Mexico’.

McArtor’s voice floats like cigarette smoke in the dead of a film noir night; soulful and deep with glorious low mid-tones. Words bleed effortlessly from French to English, to Spanish, to English again. McArtor’s vocal stalks Travolta walks through verses; ghosted by harmonies, diffused like heat-haze. And in the chorus, rises up like city lights from asphalt pitch and interstate; a midnight run in resonate melody.

Effortlessly cool and sublimely musical, “Where Did My Love Go” is just one of many cinema-infused gems waiting to be discovered on Alex McArtor’s new EP, Spoken Word. Fiercely creative and strikingly original, McArtor’s debut is a bold testament to the inspired talent and limitless potential of the sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter.

“Where Did My Love Go” and Spoken Word are available now on all major streaming platforms.

Twitter: @alexmcartor
IG: alexmcartor_


Heartbreak Radio by Abbie-Ozard Artist: Abbie Ozard
Track: “Heartbreak Radio”
Manchester-based Independent Artist Abbie Ozard drops a 3-minute dose of dreamy indie-pop with new single, “Heartbreak Radio”.

Served up with gloriously saturated guitar riff, playing off and with each other left to right; ‘Heartbreak Radio’ arrives at engaging pace on a series of rapid-fire bassline dabs, with nimble kick punch and sweetly crisp smack of snare, tripping and skipping the track along. Six-strings burst, pulse, and drive in an ever-evolving salvo of crunch, fuzz, and overdrive.

Ozard’s voice drifts with lingering reverb, dreamy and absent-minded; sat above the instrumentation, gently compelling the ear with quietly graceful melody and understated lyric. The talent songwriter leaving space for the track to breathe musically; her words delivered in protracted stanzas.

Though musically accomplished and demonstrating great skill in songcraft and production, “Heartbreak Radio” is wondrous in its lack of pretension. Put simply, it is, just a damn good song.

“Heartbreak Radio” is available now via all major streaming platforms.

Twitter: @abbieOzard
IG: abbieozard


Melpomen by Gould Eleni DrakeArtist: Gould ft. Eleni Drake
Track: “Melpomene”
On the lo-fi and the acoustic groove, Independent Artist Gould and singer-songwriter Eleni Drake deliver an easy beat and soulful vocal for the summer daze and the heat haze, with new single, “Melpomene”.

Adrift in darkened reverb and blunted late relections, acoustic chords resonate distant and rusty in percussive pulls, protracted. A voice ambles and floats, lost in moment and mood; part ambient, part ethereal. ‘Melpomene’ shimmers into fidelity, acoustic six-strings shifting left; delayed, thrown right in touches and accent. Bit-crushed beat coughs and dabs low frequency in shuddered movements.

Drake’s voice flows in surges, slow-motioned and soulful; words rich in absent imagery and idle idea, are swallowed conversational, half-lost to breaths, and allowed to rise, whistful. Additional voices glimmer and hallow in the distant stereo; vocal textures, phantom and fleeting; barely realized and outside of time.

Disarmingly understated and singularly poetic, “Melpomene” is an absent soundtrack for the long, lingering heat of summer’s deep nights. A lo-fi lament, a modern-day odyssey in oddity.

“Melpomene” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Twitter: @beatsbygould
IG: beatsbygould
IG: elenidrake

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About Tobi
Tobi is a mastering engineer and remixer via Tobisonics. As well as writing music reviews for Brash and running various Independent Music playlists, he also hosts Thursday’s #Musichouruk on Twitter.

Twitter: @masteredbytobi
IG: masteredbytobi

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