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Lipstick Holiday Blog by The Blakk Dahlia

Sharing the Shade…Lipsticks!
I always find out about the National “internet appointed” holidays on the day of and sometimes after. (Usually through a hashtag on IG). Luckily, I caught this one in time to participate and share my favorite lipstick shades on the gram. Although National Lipstick Day is now over, there’s never a wrong day to talk about lipstick!

Model, Alexcina Brown The Blakk DahliaMatte or Glossy?
Matte is my favorite style. It gives me a fuller lip look and displays my color just right. However, depending on the brand I have to add a little gloss to keep from getting the “cracked-dry lip”. My favorite brand of Mattes is Nicka K New York.



Get more details on her lipstick collection, favorite brands, and share what’s in your collection HERE!

E. Alexcina Brown, The Blakk Dahlia lipstick selfies

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The Blakk Dahlia is an author and lifestyle blogger in New York City. The Georgia native created this platform to provide inspiration on living your dreams YOUR way and making the most of your days.

The Blakk Dahlia is also the author of the new suspenseful book series, the Heartbreak Diaries. Each book serves as a diary entry, telling stories from the perspective of various styles of hearts.

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