Letting Go? | “Hard to Quit” by Fantazmz

NYC Neo-80’s Artist FANTAZMZ Releases Break Up Song, “Hard to Quit”

Hard to Quite by Fantazmz - BRASH! Magazine Blog“As a songwriter, my creative process exists on a spectrum. Often, songs require endless hours of fine-tuning, but sometimes a song pops out effortlessly. “Hard to Quit” is one of those songs that popped right out. The timing probably helped. Aside from the strings, the Mellotron, and a few vocal patches, I wrote and recorded nearly everything in one afternoon after splitting up with my boyfriend of over two years. It was my first queer relationship, and first times always leave a mark. I cried while writing many of the lyrics for “Hard to Quit,” so the writing process was very therapeutic for me. And even though I wrote the song in the aftermath of a break-up, I wouldn’t consider the song sad. In fact, some lines are meant to come off as humorous, because I felt like the song needed to be funny. It reflects more of who I am. Afterward, I could have gone back and strengthened the words a bit, made it more poetic and less rough, but I liked how raw and juvenile the song sounded. There’s an honesty to emotional rawness that I tried to capture.”

Listen to “Hard to Quit” Now on Major Music Streaming Platforms!

Recording artist, Fantazmz About Fantazmz
David Gagne, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer from Portland, Maine.
David has been a paid musician since the age of 10, releasing his first full-length LP, Man With No Name, while still in high school. He later fronted Portland reggae band, EastWave Radio, releasing the EP Soulful Noise and touring Canada opening for and backing Jamaican Dancehall artist, Jah Cutta. The tour was cut short when their van slipped off an icy roadway. David was dealt with the worst injuries and was hospitalized for two weeks before returning to Maine to heal. After a lengthy recovery, he collaborated with long-time friend, Sam Franklin to create Post Provost and release their LP, Ancient Open Allegory Oratory. The band’s sound included elements of folk, jazz, world, and country music, fused in a unique avant-garde style.

David and his family headed west for southern California in 2014 where he immersed himself in the scene and linked up with Brian Stanley of LA-based band, The Years. Brian’s ear and direction have been of great importance to David as he’s developed and assembled the Fantazmz sound and EP. Since moving to NYC in 16’ David has performed everywhere, from subway platforms to well-known clubs and music venues. He’s steadily been outfitting a home recording studio and working as a producer for up and coming artists in the city; most recently, HoloMovement, a genre-bending collective with a debut album of the same name. David is credited with writing and recording the majority of the instrumentals on the album as well as production, all out of his home studio in Bushwick. Fantazmz Orbitizmz is the product of a fearless artist leveraging years of experience to transmit his brand of nostalgia-inducing synth-pop throughout the multiverse.

Twitter: @Fantazmzband
IG: fantazmz_nyc

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