Week 66 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Funani by Toya Delazy Artist: Toya Delazy
Track: “Funani”
London-based South African Independent Artist Toya Delazy delivers a percussive tour-de-force of rich in musical integrity and storming vocals, with the new single “Funani”.

Percussive shards of sharp frequency burst in rapid stabs of brassy sonic awesome; texture shifts in the middle distance, breathy and raspy. Electro-kick pops deep and flat, dry, basic and willfully unrefined; a snare sneezes, smacked tight, playing off hi-hat tickle and tick. An odd, phonic drops right and wide; grabbing and grunting in defiance. Metal rattles and riffs in a syncopated series of fast impacts.

Delazy mouths and swallows lyrics, physical; shifting through a rhythmic structure, break, and form in an inspired run, rebound, and scatter; her words dancing about, around, and between the scattered arrangement; music and voice, one and the same. A living, breathing experience of music; a creation in its own right.

“Funani” exists in a perpetual state of movement; working in tight clusters of a percussive idea, expressed in an engaging array of instrumental timbre and tone. Sounds are often set at odds with each other. The 2-minute 28-second track refusing to sit down and be pinned to one theme or idea. Fiercely original throughout and delivered with accomplished production, “Funani” represents a standout and unique composition. Tonya Delazy is an Artist on the rise.

Twitter: @toyadelazy
IG: toyadelazy


Bored to Death by WalrusArtist: Walrus
Track: “Bored to Death”
Indie-rock four-piece Walrus drop an uber-cool dose of funky, grungy surf-rock with new single “Bored to Death”.

Drums tumble into beat, snare snapping and smacking the 3-minute 12-second track into life in double-quick time. A bassline grooves busy and cool at the back; shifting through deft dabs of low frequency. Hi-Hat and cymbal ticking and teasing, rasping and crashing, in glorious roomy real-world space. SIx-strings stab, buck, and riff in lush, reverb and shimmering delay; modulated B-movie cool, with Tarantino Tremolo. Grinding and grunting through gruff distortion and fuzz.

The vocals walk the centerline with an understated, lazy strut; lyrics working rhymes in circles, twisting ideas in concentric stanzas. The voice drawing your ear deep into the depth of the track; allowing the guitars to fold in around you. Dazy, hazy, indie-singalong hooks are delivered with perfectly poised nonchalance.

“Bored to Death” moves like a Travolta look-alike at a neon-drenched diner dive, but hewn of the animalistic noise of a hard-touring live circuit. It is restless and without rest. Smacked with the hard-earned integrity of a band that grinds it out the old school way, from gig to gig and town to town. Walrus is the real deal. And pretty soon, they’ll be coming to a town near you.

Twitter: @walrustheband
IG: walrustheband


Beyond by Kirsten LudwigArtist: Kirsten Ludwig
Track: “Beyond” (Wasted Time EP)
Stand-out singer-songwriter Kirsten Ludwig crafts a singular composition of quiet grace and inspired musicality with the new song “Beyond”.

Arpeggio six-strings tumble, rattle, and fall in partnership; adrift and restless, suspended in time. Ambients glimmer in the distance, ethereal; seldom physical; shifting in slow-burn modulation. Stings swell in rich, low-mid tones and ancient timbre; a sudden surge of musical weight, thickening the composition for a moment; only to fall back into the silence. A kick pounds deep and set back; punctuating the track. Layers of instrumentation grow out of the darkness; embered tones of the guitar, cast odd and shift-tonal by a chorus, delay, and reverb.

Ludwig floats in absent mind, thoughts and feelings flowing in cascade and run; her voice pacing with the arrangement, rising in soulful wail; only to slip back into the depths of the graceful composition. Ludwig’s vocal trading in lingering and melancholy; great expanses of imagining, desperate yearning, and solitary cry.

Electric riff and lick erupt in grungy fizz and crunch, turning in awkward movements and abrupt fingering; expressive and potent. The production swaying in heavy swagger; odd, breathtaking stanzas of a staggering musical idea; a great emotional tempest of revels new ended, but not, nor never, reconciled.

Kirsten Ludwig quietly delivers composition after composition of striking integrity and singular musical identity. A songwriter of unique aptitude and singular vocal identity. And an Artist who, to the collective shame of the Independent Music Scene, is all too often overlooked and deserving of far greater recognition. A bold and stand out music-maker who continues to take an inspired risk with her compositions; and in doing so, serves as great inspiration for her fellow artists.

Twitter: @kirstenludwig
IG: kirstenlud

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