Week 72 | Tobi’s New Independent Music Picks

A totally random, whatever came to mind first, selection of the latest additions to our New Independent Music Friday playlist

Music reviews written by Tobi Davis

Tobi's new music monster

Where Will You Run by Hannah CliveArtist: Hannah Clive
Track: “Where Will You Run?”

In great cinematic tones and with compelling musicality, independent artist Hannah Clive delivers a heartfelt call-to-arms in defense of our planet, with new single, “Where Will You Run?”

Shifting from side to side with great weight and ancient grace, vast layers of production and instrumentation surge forward in deep pulses of sub and low frequency. The ambient fizzes left/right with reverse, glitch, and shimmer. Pads grind in the low mid, strings rise in desperate flight, and choirs resonate from a middle distance.

Chorused arpeggio and darken piano note add depth, drama, and foreboding. Cymbals explode in metallic shards and scatter, as beats snap dry and bit-crushed. Loop, repeat, echo, and delay cast odd texture, unnatural act, and sonic contrivement across the massive landscape.

Hannah Clive’s vocals stalk the mighty expanse with tightly coiled anger, her words spat and stabbed in exasperation; apocalyptic visions of a nightmare future, approaching ever more rapidly due to our collective indifference and inaction.

Songs of protest are notoriously difficult, more often than not coming off as preachy, naive, or simply disingenuous. Where so many, including the great and good, have failed, Hannah Clive has not only succeeded, she has excelled. “Where Will You Run?” is a staggering, epic track of great musical depth and even greater importance. It is further testament to the unique and inspired talent of Hannah Clive; but moreover, and so much more than that, it is a rallying call of the utmost imperative and severity. And, in doing so, it asks the most simple, straight forward, and vital of questions to each and every one of us.

“Where Will You Run?”

Twitter: @hannahclive
IG: hannahclive


real talk by I M ArtistArtist: I.M the Artist
Track: “Real Talk” (Self-Made EP)

London-based singer-songwriter I.M the Artist delivers a darkly soulful dose of understated poetry and quiet musicality, with new song “Real Talk”.

Presented in a compelling sparse musical expanse of sweeping ambients, shimmering reverses, and stark sonic elements; ‘Real Talk’ grows quietly in brittle and distant piano progressions, deep subs that bleed down to the noise floor, and bit-crushed beats that snip, stutter, and snap.

I.M the Artist walks the beat with a series of tightly woven lyrical phrases, rich in imagery and thought. The talented vocalist carefully gauging her vocal pace to match the ebb and flow of the instrumentation around her. Voice and production shifting as one living, breathing listening experience.

Fiercely contemporary, “Real Talk” blurs the line between musical composition and sound design to such an extent that one becomes the other; and in doing so, questions the very need to even make a distinction. In very much the same way, so success is I.M the Artist in blending the seemingly opposing genres of ambient, beat, and singer-songwriter, that they cease to be separate; and instead, become something new, singular, and unique.

Twitter: @IMtheartistt
IG: i.mtheartist


 super bullshit by lauren ruth wardArtist: Lauren Ruth Ward
Track: “Super Bullshit”

LA-based Independent Artist Lauren Ruth Ward drops a raucous dose of no nonsense old time rock ‘n’ soul with new single “Super Bullshit”.

Fiercely percussive throughout, “Super Bullshit” shifts and shimmies, swaggers and struts, moving like a Travolta-Cat. Six-string acoustics spank and rasp, with slap and rattle, while electrics spit fuse and funky fuzz in riff and lick. The bass line walking like you’re talking in tightly delivered dabs of low frequency; playing off and against, the snap and crack of drumsticks working the pocket with skill and finesse.

Lauren Ruth Ward mouths the lyrics with compelling nonchalance and glorious lazy soul. Her voice, rich in low mid texture and deep tone, draws the listener’s voice into the production. A great disarray of willfully, and wonderfully, untidy backing vocal providing fantastic depth of harmony and vocal variation.

Raw, uncontrived, and very much in the room, “Super Bullshit” is a refreshingly honest and uncomplicated production; trading on sheer talent, inspired musicianship, and standout performance. ‘Old School’ is a tired and overused expression within the music industry; but with so many artists relying on FX, technology, and novelty, kids, it’s time to knock off the bullshit and go back to school.

Twitter: @laurenruthward
IG: laurenruthward


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