BRASH! Biz | Entrepreneur Focused on Helping Un-employed Veterans

Erica Scott started her business from connection with veterans and life tragedies

Erica Scott

(Phoneix, AZ) – For 20 years Erica has been a consultant better known for as a Change Agent who specializes in transforming organizations from tactical Human Resources to People Operations with a focus on change management. Through her company Civilian Connections, she aims to create a community and sense of belonging between veterans and employers.

As a child Erica spent a lot of time in the hospital, making her feel like an outcast and different from other kids because she couldn’t do what they usually found entertaining. Coping with negative feelings, she morphed into a different person as the feelings of potential acceptance outweighed being her authentic self. After taking a standardized test for the military, she felt accepted for the first time because they acknowledged her intelligence. Sadly, due to her asthma she wasn’t able to pursue her dream of joining the military to serve.

Erica’s passion for helping Veterans came from the connection they grew through them openly sharing their military backgrounds. As she learned their stories she realized there was something missing between the veterans transition back into civilian life. Veterans are the ones who gave her insight into her purpose, but tragedy prompted her to connect with herself on a deeper level.

Erica says “My life experiences of being rejected and misunderstood helped me connect with veterans from a genuine place of being unsure to a place of being fulfilled personally and professionally. I was able to merge my personal and professional life by helping companies with their people. I can inspire people to tap into their hidden potential, which fulfills my life’s purpose.”

About Erica Scott
Erica took a leap of faith and decided it was time to start her own business. As a consultant, she is determined to utilize her human resources background to assist veterans with career coaching as they try to secure private sector employment. Erica is excited about the opportunity to grow her business by helping veterans who are often forgotten once they have finished their time of service. For more information, please visit:
IG: civilianconnections

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